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good news for me faggots XD

2014-06-10 07:20:56 by TimmyFi

oh my god thanks you i have a sexy girlfriend :D i meet her in minecraft her name in newgrounds is meepcrafter i meet her today :D



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2014-06-10 07:35:59

Hmmmmm,you wanna upload your test??
I can help ya out.
You see that dumpster icon next to the message icon??
Click it.That is your dumping grounds.
Click upload new file and there you go.
After you uploaded it make the link of what you have uploaded public so we can see it.
Hope this helped ya.

TimmyFi responds:

i can't show you i can just show madnesia =l my tests are comics xD make skype and i show you the comic.


2014-06-10 07:36:24

Use the dump,dumbass.

TimmyFi responds:

the tests are comic i can show you way skype,


2014-06-10 08:20:30

TimmyFi responds:

it's not my test, ultrabi make it lol, so i give his credits


2014-06-10 09:05:24

tests(game,movie) and some arts, they you dont want to post in your page, go there:
if are movie/game/audio, and want post into your page, click here:
but art, pass your mouse in the button "art"(purple) and click "submit yours", and post your art.

TimmyFi responds:

i know ultrabi but i don't know how to tell,


2014-06-14 09:48:51

That's not how it works

TimmyFi responds:

I Think You Were Dead :o


2014-06-15 04:27:26


TimmyFi responds:



2014-06-15 08:17:23

Pffff,just give up guys...............................

TimmyFi responds:

=/ ....


2014-06-15 14:08:38

@Elias-Z yeah, there's no hope for this guy...............................

TimmyFi responds:



2014-06-19 16:30:52

Yes, comics aren't tests
so stop annoying people on Skype and make an actual ANIMATED test
then use the following link to upload the test:

Good day

TimmyFi responds:

i no say that tests i say that comics