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The Story, And The Comic And The News.

2014-07-28 02:12:15 by TimmyFi

I Make New Comic Called Madnesia Birthday The Problem I Need Madnesia Sprite :/ And Madnesia Friends Sprite

:/ well happeh birthday madnesia if you read this and too you :/ madnesia friends give me ur sprite and i will make the birthday comic, (what about a shitty story) (i know it's annyoing to peoples but.) (ok i gonna shut up with this shitty story) good news; i fix my grammer,

bad news: i buy computer game in 170$? and it's so cool? it's should be like 1000$ my mom get 1400$ in 1 day

how? how'd you mom? (it's secret) do she steal that's from the bank?

let's see in next story :/ maybe but it's cool how she get 1400$ maybe she really stealing from bank? do someone give her and he stealing from bank and the police think my mom stealing it? and the police take too me to jail beacause i take my dad money? like mom my mom hate my dad do i will stop the story and make new post later?

you see in the next story, well this next part is (comics) again more story :d today i go to beach with my friends and they gone i see something behind trees  and then everyone gone in beach! it's real it's no story well and then i hear like duhn duhn amd i saw someone with white head and black body, do it real? i escaped i get blinded and i go down i see someone with white suit he drop me to water and later i wake up i find myself in a bed and i say to myself is just dream lol no worry dan, it's no real (*Laugh*) well and my mom say good morning! i say good morning mom and my dad go to his job and my sisther play with my little brother and i go connent to newgrounds and make new post like this when i wake up i make this post like now the story never gonna stop if you think i stop you never can brake me or and i no art theif and how my mom get 1400$? let's see in the next part of this shitty story well i like play games my bro stealing my games and play them i take the games and he starting to cry and my mom say to me ''give his the games back motherfucker'' the part of motherfucker is no real my mom love me she say me dude, this is ur bro give his to play in ur games like uhh 1 . 2 . 3 hours please,  i will buy you gift if you make that you know i'm love you ur sisther and ur little brother so make it (Me:) maybe give me 500$? ok first give his back, ok (gives back) (gives his 500$) guys it's real what about creepypasta story, is boring and stupid sorry z-eliaz it's stupid creepeypasta story is no good idea so watch it's in youtube now end post.


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